Starting Your Own Business…

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting my own business for a few years. Every once in a while, I think of things that are specific to me and which I could build a business around. Some specialized skill. Some hobby or passion. Some different way of looking at the world. Other times, it’s the combination of a very diverse set of mediocre skills…

At the same time, I have my absolute dream career. This makes me a very unusual entrepreneur. I am not trying to run away from the conditions in my current workplace; quite the opposite. There are just services that I feel I can bring, in a space completely unrelated to my day-to-day career, that I think could make the world a happier place.

My career is a fixture in my life. At least for now, I can’t think of a better gig for me. Can a new business be started and operated on the side, after-hours, as a hobby? I have a feeling I am going to find out really soon!

Have you ever tried to hold down a 9-5pm career and also managed to successfully run a business in parallel?


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